Sunday, November 9, 2014


It starts with a GOODBYE
Then day by day
I keep on seeing you (just from afar)
But I just don't realize it
Until one day
I just don't know how
But for the first time
You make me notice about you
I look at you
And smile to you
You smile to me
And it makes me happy
What kind of feeling is that?
The next day I just don't know why
But I'm hoping I will see you again
K know he will show up
But I think the situation
Just don't allow me or us? 
To be together to the journey.
But it's okay
As long as I can see your face
Just like the sunshine
My face also smile brightly
Because of his presence
I just don't want to put too much hope
Cause I'm afraid of the disappointment
That will come
But I cannot figure out the future
So I cannot determine
Whether there is disappointment or not
Maybe there is happiness awaits me
Who knows?
Sometimes I've a mix feeling
Does he feel the same as mine?
Sometimes there are signs but
I just can't interpret
What those signs
Try to show or tell me
I just know that It makes me smile
Just to see his face.
Dear GOD
Is he the one that you send to me?
The one to accompany me
For the rest of my life?
Is he the one who will be by my side?
Whether in happiness or sadness?
I just want to know what is this all about


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